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Course Enrollment Process

UCLA Courses

After you arrive for the Study Abroad at UCLA program, you will be able to enroll in UCLA undergraduate courses for transferable credit. You will study side-by-side with matriculated UCLA students.

However, these matriculated students have priority in enrolling for courses because they are enrolled in UCLA degree programs. As a non-matriculated student, your status at UCLA is that of a “visiting student.” You cannot pre-enroll in UCLA courses and your enrollment depends on special permission and on whether there is space available. For that reason, Study Abroad at UCLA follows the enrollment procedure below:

Proposed Study Plan

The key to the enrollment process is being flexible and having a well-developed list of courses.To ensure that Study Abroad at UCLA is a good match with your educational objectives, you are required to submit a Proposed Study Plan, listing a minimum of 10 specific UCLA and/or UCLA Extension courses. These courses need to be approved  for transfer credit by the academic advisor of your home university before you arrive for the Study Abroad at UCLA program.

The Proposed Study Plan will allow our academic advisor to assist you with your educational objectives, and if a specific course is not available, you will have other course alternatives. Thus, it’s very important to talk with a university advisor or study abroad consultant in your home country to be certain that courses offered through Study Abroad at UCLA are appropriate for you.

Enrollment Procedure

  • Guidance–Study Abroad at UCLA advisors will guide you through the process and suggest courses where the chances for enrollment are good.
  • Course visits–During the first days of the quarter, you will visit courses that appear to meet your academic and personal objectives. Each visit will provide you with a general impression of the course and the professor as well as the chance to review the course plan for the quarter and the assignments that students will be expected to complete.
  • Course admission–If you decide to take the course, you must:
    • Speak with the professor during the second week of course meetings
    • Present enrollment form
    • Ask if there is space available in the course and if you may join
    • If the professor and/or department representative agrees, she or he will sign your enrollment form, and you will be able to enroll in the course
  • Enrollment–Bring the signed enrollment form to UCLA Extension to finalize your enrollment

UCLA Extension Courses

If you decide to enroll in UCLA Extension courses, the enrollment process is simpler. After checking  course availability and prerequisites on the UCLA Extension website, contact Study Abroad staff to determine the next steps. You may want to visit courses first to make sure that they meet your educational objectives. Please note that most UCLA Extension courses are offered in the evening between 6:30 and 10 pm.