UCLA Extension


Academic Credit

Academic work at UCLA is measured in units of credit. These measure the amount of time that a student has devoted to a particular subject.

  • One unit of credit–Represents three hours of work per week during the quarter, including both class attendance and preparation
  • Conversion (quarter to semester units)–Divide quarter units by 1.5
  • Conversion (semester to quarter units)–Multiply semester units by 1.5
  • European units–30 ECTS=22.5 quarter units

Transfer Credit

The decision to accept transfer credit from UCLA, UCLA Extension, or any other university rests with your home institution or the university to which you wish to transfer credit.

We recommend that you consult with your home university advisor or study abroad consultant to understand how these units of credit compare to those of universities in your country and to determine whether or not credit for specific courses at UCLA will be transferable.

Student Status

Admission to Study Abroad does not constitute admission to UCLA or to any UCLA degree program. However, degree credit earned through Study Abroad at UCLA may apply toward UCLA bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees if you enter a degree program later.

Certificate and Transcripts

  • After completion of Study Abroad at UCLA, students receive a UCLA Extension certificate.
  • Official UCLA Extension transcripts are available at the end of each academic quarter. The transcript reports all UCLA and UCLA Extension courses, grades, and the academic credit earned for each course.
  • UCLA Summer Session courses and grades are listed on a separate official UCLA transcript.