UCLA Extension


Study Abroad at UCLA offers many UCLA academic courses for students majoring in a variety of subject areas. You can also select from a large number of professional and business courses at UCLA Extension.

Before applying for Study Abroad at UCLA, please review the fields of study and courses offered to make sure you find the exact courses you need to meet your personal and educational objectives.


  • UCLA College of Letters and Sciences–For course offerings in the Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences
  • UCLA Office of the Registrar–For current schedule information
  • UCLA Extension–For business, management, entertainment, engineering, technical, and personal enrichment courses
  • UCLA Summer Sessions–For shorter courses given during the summer (separate application required). More variety and options may be available during the summer than other quarters

For a description of the types of courses offered at UCLA Extension, see this brief overview.


Course enrollment is not allowed for Study Abroad students in the following UCLA specialized subject areas:

  • School of Law
  • School of Film, Theater, and Television*
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Economics
  • Graduate-level Management*
  • School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Other Graduate and Professional Programs

*Although UCLA does not offer undergraduate degrees in business, it is possible to take a limited number of undergraduate-level Management courses. UCLA Extension offers a variety of professional-level courses in Business and Management, Entertainment Studies, and Engineering.