UCLA Extension

Your Visa Interview

When you appear for your visa application interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy, you should bring your:

  • I-20.
  • Passport–It should be valid for 6 months beyond the date of your expected stay.
  • Receipt for payment of your visa application fees (MRV fees).
  • SEVIS I-901 receipt.
  • DS-160 confirmation “bar code” page.
  • Statement of Financial Support or other evidence showing you have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses for one year or your program duration. Financial requirements are printed on your I-20.
Demonstrate Your Intent to Return Home

Consular officers expect you to prove that you do not plan or hope to remain in the United States indefinitely and that your entry to the U.S. is temporary and only for the purpose of study.

You must also demonstrate that you have a home to return to after you complete your studies and that you have specific ties to and reasons for returning to your home country.