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Dates & Fees

2016  Winter & Spring Dates and Fees

2016 Summer & Fall Dates and Fees

The American Language Center offers three main programs. Each has sessions of varying lengths, with different start and end dates. They include:

Academic Intensive English Program (AIEP)

English for academic purposes and for those who want a rigorous approach to language studies. Emphasis on all skills, especially reading, writing, and TOEFL preparation.

Intensive English Communication Program (IECP)

English language skills for personal and professional purposes, with an emphasis on listening and speaking.

American Culture And Communication (ACC) Course

Part-time morning course for people visiting the United States for tourism, business, and/or family stays who want to improve theirEnglish and learn about American culture and life in Southern California.

  • Apply in-person–ACC applications and fees must be paid in person at the ALC Administrative Office. No online ACC applications are accepted.
  • ACC Dates & Fees
Fees for ALC programs and courses:
  • Application fee: nonrefundable; you only need to pay this fee once per year.
  • Program fee
  • Student Services Fee–Required for all students. Services include:
  •  Injury and Sickness Insurance–Allows you to visit a hospital or clinic for medical attention due to injury or sickness. (Permanent U.S. residents are not eligible for this insurance.)
  • Academic Advising–Quarterly orientations regarding American universities, UCLA Extension certificate programs, and assistance with application procedures and forms.
  • Language/Computer Lab–Access to extra after-school language practice, email, and Internet.
  • Housing Information – Assistance with details on how to find a place to live. (UCLA on-campus housing is available for summer intensive programs only.)
  • Language Partners Program–Conversation practice with members of the UCLA and local community.
  • UCLA Recreation Facilities–Access to many of UCLA’s sports and recreational facilities.
  • Express Mail–Program materials sent via DHL express mail.
  • Certificate of Completion–Certificate presented to participants upon successful program completion.

Cost of books, housing, transportation, and other expenses are not included in ALC fees.