UCLA Extension

ALC Student Conduct Policies

The American Language Center will take action against any disruptive behavior.

“Disruptive behavior” is: (a) preventing other students from learning; (b) preventing the teacher from teaching; (c) hurting or offending teachers, students or staff.

According to UCLA Extension policy, the ALC’s Academic Director may expel (disenroll) a student at any time if their behavior disrupts instruction or if the student is found to be academically dishonest.

Disruptive behaviors which are not allowed at the ALC may include but are not limited to:

  1. Showing disrespect or being impolite to teachers, students or staff.
For Example:
  • bothering others physically or verbally
  • not doing homework or other assignments
  • not cooperating
  • not allowing other students to participate in class
  • not bringing the textbook and materials to class
  • sleeping in class
  • talking or joking about other subjects in class
  • working on another class assignment in class
  • using a cell phone (talking, reading or sending texts)
  1. Arriving late to class This includes returning late after break. (10 minutes late two times = one hour of absence.)
  2. Repeatedly speaking one’s native language during class.
  3. Arriving at school under the influence of alcohol or drugs. NO alcohol or drugs are allowed at ALC at any
  4. Being violent or sexually Any form of violence, threats, or sexual harassment may result in expulsion from the program immediately.
  5. Having or showing sexually explicit or violent images in any form
  6. Committing Academic Dishonesty (plagiarism).
  7. Refusing to sign a Student Conduct

The behaviors above are not acceptable and may be dealt with in the following manner:

  • A verbal notice from the teacher
  • A written Student Warning notice and discussion with teacher or Academic Advisor
  • A student conduct meeting to sign the Student Conduct
  • A probation meeting with the Academic Advisor or Probation means that conduct and academic performance will be formally monitored.
  • Expulsion and loss of I-20 status if the disruptive behavior

Academic dishonesty is unacceptable at UCLA and UCLA Extension, and includes but is not limited to:


  • Copying another student’s work during a test or
  • Copying another student’s homework
  • Submitting the same work (writing or speech) in more than 1
  • Sharing or using knowledge of an examination previously taken by another
  • Taking photos of exams by cell phone or any other


  • Copying from the Internet without crediting the
  • Paraphrasing other people’s ideas, information, or writing without crediting the
  • Submitting a writing assignment written completely or in part by someone

Academic dishonesty will result in a grade of zero on an assignment or a test, and/or failing a class. Repeated cheating and plagiarism may result in expulsion and loss of I- 20 status.

The actions and behavior described above may be dealt with as follows:

  1. Verbal warning from the teacher to the offending student, specifying the behavior and the
  2. Private meeting with the teacher to review the conduct policy where the teacher and student will sign the student conduct
  3. Appointment with ALC Academic Advisor or Program Director where appropriate action will be
  4. Expulsion and loss of I-20 status after repeat offenses. Note: successful transfers to other schools depend on your I-20 status at the end of the