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What our students say about us…

For more than 25 years, we have helped thousands of students from around the globe not only to learn English but also to advance in their professional and personal lives. The ALC is proud to have served as their “English Connection” to the world and to have been a gateway to exciting educational and career pathways.

Studying English at ALC has made the difference in my English confidence. I hope to apply all the skills I’ve learned at ALC in my future professional life. Also, I’ve been happy with ALC’s location. It’s a safe area with a student environment and great services such as transportation, groceries, theatres, restaurants, library, and a medical center.
Sofia Carneiro Mosquera, Spain, AIEP and IECP

I chose the American Language Center because of UCLA Extension’s good reputation. The teachers are professional and kind and give us a lot of encouragement and support. As a result, all my skills improved: writing, speaking, reading, which will help me when I get my master’s degree in the future.
Hui Wang, China, AIEP

I would recommend UCLA Extension to English learners because I believe ALC staff delivers on its promises: we’ve been taken care of by the enrollment team, the front desk team, the management team, and our teachers. My grammar has developed tremendously; we’re provided with good text books and our teachers were dedicated to helping us learn and improve.
Nuha Alnawfal, Saudi Arabia, AIEP

As a film-director and a screenwriter, I need to be precise in my communication; with the IECP program I have improved my English and am learning to communicate the subtleties that guide my job. Now I can put in my scripts more complex ideas, and I am learning the tools which help me communicate with the actors.
Enrique Carriazo, Colombia, IECP

Since ALC offers lots of classes that depend on your English level, you can learn what you need in a small class. Needless to say, you can be motivated to learn English with great classmates with various backgrounds. The reading and writing classes helped me improve my academic English skills. My instructor taught me how to organize an academic essay, which helped me understand what the academic writing is. This became good preparation for my graduate study in Public Policy at UCLA.
Yoshiha Yamakawa, Japan, AIEP

Rafael Botello

This course has been recommended to me and now I recommend it to others, because the American Language Center has good teachers, great methods of teaching, and a convenient study schedule.
Rafael Botello, Venezuela, AIEP

Thanks to my very committed teachers, I was really able to get the most out of my classes. I studied drama for 3 years in France and now I want to have a Bachelor in this field from an American university. Only three months in the ALC program has given me all the material I need to move toward my goal, and I am really thankful to the ALC for that.
Guillaume Le Caron de Chocqueuse, France, AIEP

Maru Rios

ALC is more than only an English program. It’s a great opportunity to try a new life style. I have had amazing teachers who have excellent skills to teach and the best personal qualities. I have met interesting and fun classmates from different countries who taught me about their culture, customs, and food.
Maru Rios, Mexico, AIEP

Nasser Alazmi

I can honestly say my English has developed since I came to ALC. I can speak very well and use grammar very well now.
Nasser Alazmi, Kuwait, AIEP

Sebastien Blanc

The excellent reputation of UCLA and its good location in Westwood—one of the most central and safe neighborhoods of Los Angeles—have been significant elements that made me chose UCLA Extension to learn English in the United States.
Sébastien Blanc, Switzerland, AIEP

Ahmet Kitirci

I came to the U.S. to attend courses related to my job in Turkey, and it was essential for me to improve my fluency and awareness of cultures to communicate better with clients.
Ahmet Kitirci, Turkey, IECP