UCLA Extension

Overseas Representatives: Study Abroad

The Study Abroad at UCLA program has representatives in many countries. These representatives are in the business of providing information and services to students who want to enroll in educational programs in the U.S. and other countries.

To enroll in the Study Abroad at UCLA program, please contact one of our active representatives, listed by their specialized regions and countries.

North America: Experience America Learning Centers (EALC)
Contact: Olen Anderson

North America: Educatius International
Contact: Oksana Barchuk

Norway: University of Agder
Contact: Aase Galteland, Pal Grandal

Scandinavia: Kilroy International
Contact: Desiree Laszlofi

South America: Vive Campus
Contact: Nelson Aliaga

Spain: The Student Consultant
Contact: Cristina Gonzalez Linares

Sweden: Blueberry World Wide
Contact: Stina Lindgren, Eva Axelsson Engstrom

Sweden: Study Abroad
Contact: Lars Garvik

Turkey: Positive English–Turkey
Contact: Suna Coskun

Turkey: Arlin Egitim Danismalik Ltd Sti.–Turkey
Contact: Yesim Sonmez

United Kingdom: University of Brighton
Contact: Barry Lee Scherer