UCLA Extension

Program Details

Study Abroad at UCLA enables international undergraduate students enrolled in degree programs in their home university to study at UCLA and earn academic credit that transfers toward their degree.

UCLA’s Quarter system

UCLA operates on the quarter system (1 quarter=12 weeks)

Quarter Start End
Fall Late September Mid-December
Winter Early January Mid-March
Spring Late March or early April Mid June
Summer Late June Mid-September

Students can enroll in courses at UCLA and/or UCLA Extension.

  1. UCLA Extension courses only (Summer only)
  2. UCLA courses only, UCLA Extension courses only, or a combination of UCLA and UCLA Extension courses (Fall-Spring)

UCLA Extension courses–Year Round

  • Enrollment–Open to all who apply until courses are full
  • Course Prerequisites–Must be met
  • Permission–Not required
  • Length–Varies from 3 weeks to 12 weeks per quarter, depending on the course
  • Full-time course load–At least three 4-unit courses for 12 units
  • Hours of instruction–Mainly evenings from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Some courses offered on weekends.
  • Courses available–Professional and career advancement courses in many fields of study, including:

Business and Management
Computer Graphics and Programming

Entertainment Studies
Teacher Education
Many Others

UCLA courses–Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters*

  • Enrollment–Space-available basis, UCLA matriculated students have priority
  • Course Prerequisites–Must be met
  • Permission–Consent of course instructor and/or department representative required
  • Length–12 weeks per quarter
  • Full-time course load–Three 4-unit courses for 12 units
  • Hours of instruction–Mainly daytime, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Courses available–Undergraduate classes in UCLA’s College of Letters and Sciences in these fields of study:

Life Sciences

Physical Sciences
Social Sciences

*If you wish to enroll in UCLA courses during the summer (July, August, and September), you must apply separately to UCLA Summer Sessions . Students can ask to transfer between Summer Sessions and Study Abroad at UCLA for continuous study. For example, students can enroll in Study Abroad for the spring quarter and transfer to Summer Sessions, or they can enroll in Summer Sessions first and transfer to Study Abroad for the fall.