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Choose the application for your first program offering. You will have the opportunity to enroll in continuing program offerings once your initial offering begins.

AIEP C Summer 2018 Still Open! (June 25, 2018 – September 14, 2018)

Academic Intensive English Program (AIEP)

AIEP is best for students who want to transfer to a certificate program or university.  Emphasis is on all skills, especially reading, writing, and TOEFL preparation.

Summer 2018 (June 25, 2018 – September 14, 2018)

Fall 2018 (October 1, 2018 –  December 7, 2018)

Intensive English Communication Program (IECP)

IECP specializes in English for day-to-day communication with emphasis on listening and speaking.  Ideal for people who want to improve English to use in a business or social setting.

Summer-11 2018 (July 2, 2018 – September 14, 2018)

Summer A- (July 2, 2018 – July 26, 2018)

Summer B – (July 30, 2018 – August 23, 2018)

Summer C –  (August 27, 2018 – September 14, 2018)

Fall 12 – (October 1, 2018 – December 20, 2018)

Fall A- (October 1, 2018 – October 25, 2018)

Fall B- ( October 29, 2018 – November 21, 2018)

Fall C- (November 26, 2018 – December 20, 2018)

Applying for a Program

Applications are accepted until programs are full. Apply at least 8 weeks before the start of a program to allow time to get your F-1 visa.

Processing applications usually takes 7-10 business days, not including weekends and holidays. To ensure timely processing, please be sure to submit all the required documents. Original copies of your application materials are not required.

To apply for either of our full-time intensive English programs, please fill out our online application.

New ALC Students

  • Transfer students must pay all fees (application, student services, program fees) in order to be accepted into the program.
  • If this is your first time at the American Language Center, read the entire Enrollment Application Information (see Online Forms, located on the right) and decide which program you want to attend.
  • Follow these instructions to setup your student profile, apply for our programs, and pay for your application fee
  • Please read this for required application materials and other important notifications.
Continuing Students
  • Students who are currently in an ALC program can enroll in the next session either in person (at 1145 Gayley Avenue) or online. Enrollment is not complete until we have an application and full payment.
  • If your I-20 will expire before the end of the program you have chosen, please notify our office and turn in a new bank statement or financial guarantee. Email supporting documents to alcenroll@uclaextension.edu or bring it to our office.
  • You must pay the student services and program fees to be enrolled. Programs may fill up before the payment deadline, and we cannot reserve a space without full payment. Payments can be made online or by coming into our office. If you apply after the program is full, you can contact us to find out about a waiting list.

Paying Fees

The American Language Center no longer accepts faxed payments.

Although we will process your first application once we have received the application fee, your enrollment will not be complete until you pay the program fee and student services fee. Please keep this in mind if you are applying for more than one program. Programs may fill up before the payment deadline, and we cannot reserve your space without full payment.  Please follow the payment deadlines.

Online Payment

  • You will need to submit an application in order to complete payment of your application fee.  Follow these instructions to apply and pay.
  • You will need an approved application to pay the program and student services fees. Once you complete your application and receive approval from the ALC Enrollment Team, you will receive an email from the ALC Enrollment Services team with the link to pay these fees.
Mailed Applications & Payments
You may apply by mail and pay your fees by check or money order by mailing your documents to the address below. If you have already submitted your documents and are paying fees to meet the payment deadline, be sure to include your name and student ID number. Make all checks payable to UC Regents.

UCLA Extension
1145 Gayley Avenue
Main Cashier’s Office
Los Angeles, CA 90024, U.S.A.

Bank Wire Transfers
Contact the American Language Center at alcenroll@uclaextension.edu.

Need help? Call the ALC Enrollment Services team at (310) 825-9068 or email us at alcenroll@uclaextension.edu.

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