UCLA Extension

Advanced Study Options During AIEP

If you have advanced English skills and want to study side-by-side with native speakers of English, the ALC academic advisor can assist you with:

  • Enrollment in a UCLA and/or UCLA Extension course while you pursue ALC studies. See below, Advanced Study Options During AIEP.
  • Applications to full-time UCLA Certificate Programs, college, university, or career training after you complete AIEP. See Advanced, Full-Time Study Options after AIEP.

Advanced Study Options during AIEP

Advanced-level AIEP students may be able to enroll in UCLA or UCLA Extension courses if they obtain academic advisor approval and if space is available. Additional fees will apply. The options include:

  • UCLA Extension Course–For students in level 105, one course at UCLA Extension
  • Open Doors Enrollment Program–For students who completed level 105 and continue in level 106, one UCLA Extension course or one UCLA credit course
  • UCLA Summer Sessions Course–For students in level 107 who meet all course requirements, one UCLA Summer Sessions course.

Note: Enrollment in a UCLA Extension, UCLA, or UCLA Summer Sessions course does not constitute admission or a guarantee of future admission to UCLA Extension or UCLA programs.

Juan Sebastian Hurtado JaramilloI took UCLA Extension courses on Saturdays so that I could test my English level with native speakers while learning new concepts in my chosen career field.
Juan Sebastian Hurtado Jaramillo, Colombia (Academic Intensive English Program + Certificate Program at UCLA Extension)