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ALC Student Activities

International Potluck and Talent Show

ALC students show their talent in cooking, acting, singing, and dancing at our lunchtime “potluck” party. The event includes food from students’ native countries, class skits, game shows, musical numbers, dances, and songs.

Class Field Trips

Many of our classes go on field trips around Los Angeles such as the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, local courthouses, high schools, and businesses. These trips take place during class time to increase understanding of American culture and institutions and to supplement specific lessons and class assignments.

Language Partners Program

ALC students can be matched with UCLA students who are studying foreign languages or with English-speaking adults in the local community for free conversation exchanges. Students meet during their free time for one to two class sessions per week to practice conversation in English for an equal amount of conversation in the ALC student’s native language. For more information, contact the ALC Academic Advisor.

Certificate Ceremony

At the end of each term, ALC students celebrate their accomplishments at a certificate ceremony. Students and staff share refreshments and give farewell speeches before receiving their certificates and saying good-bye to classmates, instructors, and staff.

Local Tours

The ALC works closely with California Tours, an independent tour company, which schedules tours of local attractions and events in the Los Angeles area such as Hollywood, the Getty Museum, Disneyland, Los Angeles Lakers basketball games, as well as excursions to other California and Southwest destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.