UCLA Extension


Metro_Expo_Line_Culver_City_Station_2012-10-24_hires_rwThe Los Angeles metropolitan region is large, and if you choose less expensive housing one or more miles from the UCLA campus, you will need to drive a car or use public transportation.

Airport Pickup and Shuttle Services

Three major shuttle services provide airport pick-up and transfer services from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):

For shuttle destinations, provide the service your residence address not the UCLA campus.

  • LAX FlyAway—This non-stop shuttle-bus service runs between Westwood and LAX (round-trip and one-way) every 30 minutes, 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. from UCLA’s Parking Structure 32. Optional airline/baggage check-in is available.

UCLA Shuttle Bus

UCLA Campus Express buses make stops in Westwood Village and the UCLA campus.

  • Fare—Free, no ID card needed. Get on or off at any of the stops.
  • Hours—7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays. (Schedule may be different during winter, spring, and summer breaks.)
  • Frequency—Buses arrive at stops every 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Map of Shuttle Route

Public Buses Connecting to UCLA

Three bus systems serve UCLA. Check their websites for scheduling and route information.

Subways and Trains

The following train systems connect Los Angeles to nearby communities, including downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley.

Driving a car

  • Your Home Country Driver’s License—Can be used if current, not expired.
  • California Driver’s License—To apply, check dmv.ca.gov for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office nearest you. You will need to schedule an appointment for a written exam and driving test. A California Driver’s License or a California ID card provide a useful and common form of identification when paying by check, or for proof you are 21 years or over.
  • Taxes—Each year, you will be taxed to register your automobile with the DMV.
  • Automobile Insurance—You will need to buy auto insurance, show proof that you have it when you register your car, and must carry proof with you in your car at all times when you drive. If you are stopped by police or involved in an accident, you must show your license, vehicle registration, and auto insurance card.
  • Renting a car – Many car rental agencies have a minimum age for drivers of 22 or 25 years old. Check with the car rental company for these and other possible restrictions for international drivers.

For more information about driving, visit Automobile Club of Southern California.


Parking near UCLA is limited with the following options:

  • Parking meters on the street—25¢ per 20 minutes.
  • UCLA Extension Lindbrook Center Parking Garage—$9 per day.
  • UCLA Parking Garages—$11 per day.
  • Privately-owned parking garages—From $5 to $9 per day or $110 per month.
  • UCLA Extension sells permits to park evenings on the UCLA campus.