UCLA Extension

Places to Visit

Westwood Village

Westwood Village, the neighborhood around UCLA, has everything a student needs; more than 50 places to eat, 200-plus stores, and a wide variety of movie theaters, all within easy walking distance of UCLA Extension classrooms.


Santa Monica, a well-known beach community, has a 22-mile-long bicycle path where you can bicycle, inline skate, jog, and walk. You can walk to many popular attractions on the famous Third Street Promenade, or enjoy games and entertainment on the Santa Monica Pier.

Venice Beach is legendary for its colorful life. Artists, musicians, writers, and bodybuilders enjoy the freedom of the ocean, sand, and sun, and visitors stroll along the Venice boardwalk on weekend afternoons to sightsee.

Malibu, north of Santa Monica on the Pacific coast, is home to many Hollywood celebrities. Malibu offers numerous seafood restaurants, and swimming and surfing beaches.


The birthplace of the movie industry, Hollywood is only about 30 minutes away from UCLA. The Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame, the famous Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Wax Museum, and Paramount Studios are just a few of the many attractions and places to visit in “Tinseltown.”