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la-skylineLocated on the Pacific coast in the southern part of the state, Los Angeles (LA) is the largest city in California. The warm, sunny year-round climate is ideal for outdoor sports and recreation, including swimming, surfing, golf, tennis, hiking, and many other activities. LA is a city of contrasts with beautiful beaches, mountains, desert landscapes, the hustle and bustle of business districts and freeways, and the small-town feel of peaceful neighborhoods and quiet streets.

Well-known for Hollywood and the film industry, LA is also a hub for international business, fashion, design, and culture, including museums, concert halls, and live theater. Angelenos, as we call those local to LA, comprise of a wide variety of cultures and traditions; featuring large communities of Armenians, Chinese, Iranians, Japanese, Koreans, Mexicans, Russians, Thais, and other ethnic groups. LA is also a starting point for sightseeing and excursions to San Diego, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon.

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Local Tours

  • The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • U.S.A Student Tours
  • StarLine Tours
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